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Monday, June 20, 2011

I'm a Bakery on Main Fan with Nothing to Hide!

Just to clarify, this is all about Bakery on Main's newest delight, True Bar. You'll see from the wrappers that they really do have nothing to hide- both in the phrase printed across the front and in the fact that the wrappers are clear, so you can see exactly what you are about to eat. Nothing to hide- AND nothing to complain about.

Not even walnuts.
I hate walnuts.
They stink.
I only ate my Walnut Cappucino Bar because I got it for free.
I want another one.
I have nothing to hide.

See what I mean?
Even though I hate walnuts and they're the FIRST ingredient on the label... I like them!!!

Let me be up front: they want me to blog about True Bar. Obviously they're also hoping I'll say good things. I refuse to lie on here though, so their control over this blog ended when they put that package of True Bars in the mail to me. I fully anticipated turning up my nose at the Walnut bars and telling you to judge for yourself. You still should, but I can tell you that I like them all. Really, I do.

Here are the lovely bars I got from Bakery on Main to sample:

Blue: "I'm a Fruit and Nut Bar with Nothing to Hide"

Green: "I'm a Coconut Cashew Bar with Nothing to Hide"

Yellow: "I'm a Walnut Cappucino Bar with Nothing to Hide"

Orange: I'm an Apricot Almond Chai Bar with Nothing to Hide"

Red: I'm a Hazelnut Chocolate Cherry Bar with Nothing to Hide"

Pink: "I'm a Raspberry Chocolate Almond Bar with Nothing to Hide"

Okay, I told you about the fluke of the Walnut bar. I really didn't intend to even eat it, but my 15 month old was with me, so I wanted to eat something I could easily share. It had the smallest chunks of nut of the ones I had left at the time, so I dared to unwrap it. This was also the case with the dreaded Coconut Cashew bar- ew, coconut! Same story: even with the least favorite ingredient being the first listed on the label, it was more than just bearable, it was enjoyable. Bakery on Main has some magic going on, that's all I can say.

I think it goes without saying that if the least-anticipated bars were amazing, the ones I CHOSE to try first were darn good too. I would not regret purchasing a single one of these.

Speaking of regret: they all range from 150 to 190 calories. Enough to satisfy without regret. They have substance to them- I could see them being handy to carry in my purse when I go somewhere in case they have little available that I can safely eat. They make a fun, meaningful snack too. Kids like it too- or at least based on my one toddler sampling.

Other selling points (I'm just copying these here):
Omega 3 from Chia
Good source of fiber
Made with many low-GI ingredients such as brown rice syrup, agave nectar, chia seed, and a variety of nuts
GFCO certified gluten free
Dairy and casein free
Low sodium
Kosher ou Parve
All natural
Wheat free
No transfats or cholesterol
Low in saturated fat

The website states:
"The suggested retail price is $1.99 per bar, these will be available on our website July 1 and will begin appearing on store shelves in September."

So wait, I can't get more yet?? Hmmm..... time to use my Grandpa's line when he's trying Grandma's cookies: "I'm not sure if they're good or not. I need to try another one." Please??

I did say I'd be honest, so here's the negative stuff:
They do contain soy. This means my brother can't eat them. He would love them too, so that's disappointing.
The packaging will not strike you immediately as being Bakery on Main. Having "nothing to hide" leaves little room for the stripes and bakery picture you may recognize this brand for.
One of the bars has walnuts, which are disgusting, and another has coconut, which is also gross. Oh, wait- I already determined that in spite of this, they are awesome!!

Sorry to tease you with all that. I'm sorry, I have no more left, so you can't even try to steal them from me. You'll have to wait until July 1 to order them online. When you see them in town in September, feel free to post a comment on here to let people know. I believe right now The Health Food Shoppe has the best selection of Bakery on Main products in town. You can also find some at A&B Naturals Foods, Walmart, and the Co-op. I don't believe anyone in Fort Wayne carries all of their products yet- at least not at last check! So go enjoy a Soft & Chewy bar (Health Food Shoppe and A&B) while you wait for the next great thing coming out of this company... and maybe start campaigning for more places in town to start carrying more of their products!!


  1. Thanks for such an awesome review! They are available on the website early - with free shipping and a 25% discount on sleeves of 12 you could get a whole bunch of those Walnut Cappuccino bars ;)