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Thursday, February 16, 2012

French Meadow Wins Again

A few weeks back, I bought a package of soft tortilla shells at Fort Wayne Custom Rx. That's the only place I've seen these (I think...? Does A&B Natural Foods have them? I don't recall...... I always get the pizza crusts there!), and French Meadow did not disappoint.

Okay, maybe I was disappointed that there were only 6 in the package, but I'd still buy it again.  :)

I found they worked best slightly warmed in the microwave. They were soft and even softened back up when reheated. They didn't get dry and crunchy.

They were definitely the best soft tortillas I've had since going GF. Without compare. I wouldn't expect anything less from French Meadow Bakery.

Seriously, we need to get more of their products in more of our local groceries! A&B has their pizza crusts, Kroger has their brownies, FW Custom Rx has these tortillas, and Meijer occasionally has their cupcakes. I know some restaurants use their bread (Dash-In does, or at least last I knew), but I've never been able to buy it. This brand is awesome!