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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Good Things on the Horizon at Casa

As if the pasta wasn't good enough- heck, just the Casa Salad is worth a visit- more good things are coming our way at Casa's!

I went to Casa twice at the end of April/beginning of May and started hearing right AFTER that about the new cheesecake. Why, oh why, was I left out?

Well then I heard that they're carrying Redbridge beer also, and I knew I just needed to check on things.

An email from Tom Parisi, Director of Operations, confirmed it all: the caramel cheesecake was on a trial basis in April and May (I still wish they had "trial"ed it on me!), and it was such a success that it will be added to the menu. They are in fact carrying Redbridge. Aaaaand......

The new menu, which will be out by the third week of July, will also include three gluten free pizza choices.

I'm extremely hesistant to try any of the other GF pizzas- ahem, pizza CRUSTS- offered locally after "getting glutened" a year ago from one. I used to work in the pizza business- I know how that darn flour operates (can be airborn for up to 24 hours)- but I just may give this one a try.


For one, they're offering a gluten free PIZZA, not CRUST. Additionally, Casa has always treated me well on the GF dining- I feel safer eating there than most places in town.

Exciting gluten free times in Fort Wayne!

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  1. Oh My Gosh. CASA is my favorite restaurant.