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Friday, February 25, 2011

Bakery on Main

I'm really starting to wish I had put this blog up sooner. It's so much easier to manage and to navigate than my old one on Myspace (although that one's not going anywhere- it's got quite the archive of older blogs).

Today I was able to post my next set of links at the bottom of the page- my favorite gluten free products. It's amazing how many I was able to come up with off the top of my head, and I know that there are ones I'm forgetting (in fact, there are at least two that I can picture the product, but for the life of me cannot remember the name of the brand..... they will be added next time I go grocery shopping). One of the newcomers to my favorites is Bakery on Main .

I have to admit that I was a skeptic. I have seen their granola on store shelves many times, looked at it, and moved on. I even have coupons that I've picked up along the way somewhere that I've been too chicken to use! I don't know what my problem has been......... my inner child picky eater saw something unfamiliar in the package and got scared, I guess.

Well let me tell you!
Those weird little pieces in there- sweet little corn flakes and rice crisps- are the funnest part of the granola. Even my 11-month-old loves them. My favorite flavor is the Nutty Cranberry Maple, although they're all good (I just have to pick around the walnuts in the Apple Raisin Walnut- there's no convincing me that walnuts are edible). I've bought the granola at The Health Food Shoppe on North Anthony and the Southtown Walmart. I swear I thought I saw them at Meijer before, but couldn't find them there last time I looked. The granola is awesome for a quick little snack or a little bit of fun fiber.

My favorite, favorite, favorite products of theirs are the soft and chewy granola bars. I know it's been a few years since I've had a gluten-laden granola bar, but I swear these are better. Favorite flavor? All of them! WE NEED THESE IN FORT WAYNE!!!!! If they're in Fort Wayne, then I'm mad that I haven't seen them. Since you all missed my birthday, I will be accepting Bakery on Main Gift Boxes for Mother's Day.

Hint: dropped.

Wow, I'm sounding like an advertisement here. Seriously, this stuff is awesome though. And just for a little bit of advertising flavor- check out their Eat Better Live Better Club. Yay, coupons!!

Okay, fine. One more thing.... "Like" them on their Facebook page and after they get to 1000 fans, they will pick 10 people (ahem, 9 plus me....... right???) to win 3 boxes of the soft and chewy granola bars. Don't forget to "Like" Gluten Free Fort Wayne while you're out there too.

I'm done now.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

My old blog

The concept for Gluten Free Fort Wayne started years ago. I brought it to life on Myspace, and that page is still there, although it has been gathering a bit of dust recently. To see older blog postings, go to the GFFW Myspace blog.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Gluten Free Tasting TODAY

BeeFree Gluten Free Bakery will be at Chuck & Birds (in the old Hartley's building on Fairfield) from 10-6 today (Saturday) doing a tasting.

*****UPDATE: Apparently they posted the wrong time on their Facebook page. It starts at 2:00. If you have the opportunity to head out there when it's actually happening (unlike me), I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Friday, February 11, 2011

My favorite spots for groceries

1. Meijer on Lima Road
All Meijers carry a decent selection of gluten free products; this one has the best in my opinion. Overall for any groceries I purchase, Meijer has the best price. My husband would disagree, but he buys different things..... like Chef Boyardee and other gluten favorites of days past. I love my Stonyfield and Brown Cow yogurts- some days they are the number one reason I go to Meijer instead of somewhere else!

2. The Health Food Shoppe
My only complaint about this place is that I can't leave there without spending at least $50. This has nothing to do with their prices; I just love too many of the things they sell. They have the city's best selection of gluten free foods and if you join their gluten free club, you can get a 10% discount on all gluten free products you buy there. My biggest weaknesses there are all of the Udi's products and Liz Lovely cookies. They have more gluten free cookies than your deprived tummy can tolerate! Seriously, you have to try the Liz Lovely cookies... and WOW cookies... and Lean on Me cheesecake..... and....and.... and..... ..........       ........
Do you see now why I'm broke?

3. Kroger at Southgate
Most of the Scott's and Kroger stores carry a good selection of gluten free favorites (I found Udi's cookies at West State last week when I went in for pizza crusts!), but this one consistently amazes me with all of the things I love- such as Gluten Free and Fabulous pizza. These stores have the best selection of my favorite Larabars at the best price- and every now and then you can catch them at the Scott's/Kroger special price of 10 for 10. Today I even found chocolate covered Glutino pretzels there.

4. Three Rivers Co-op
This is always the first place people mention when I talk about being gluten free. The truth is they might be lower than fourth on my list if it weren't for their great selection of Larabars at a great price. They have many of my favorite products, but they are all things I can get somewhere else too. I was also turned off by misinformation being shared there one time about Celiac Disease.

Honorable Mentions:
A & B Natural Foods in Time Corners
Wilma's Health Care & Food Shoppe in Churubusco
Dupont Road Kroger
Southtown Walmart

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Local Links

Links to places with gluten free food available in the Fort are now up along the right side of the page. Please, if I forgot any or if you learn of anything new, let me know so I can link it here. I would like for this to be an easy one-stop page for all things gluten free in Fort Wayne. Look for more links in the future for my favorite gluten free brands and other useful Celiac and gluten free websites.

Please use your best discretion when dining out at any of the places linked here. In most cases, I have linked their gluten free menu or list, but offering a gluten free list does not guarantee a full understanding of our needs. Continue to ask questions and give specifics to ensure that your food is prepared safely for you.

I also want to add a word of caution on the pizza places linked here. They do all offer a gluten free crust and I have heard many good things about them. My one experience dining at one of these places was not ideal, but it was also in the very early days of the GF crust being offered. I'm optimistic that things have improved. You just need to make your own choices based on your level of sensitivity, I suppose. Please understand however that pizza places by their very nature are full of flour. Flour can remain airborn for 24 hours. I've witnessed this firsthand in my pre-celiac days working in a pizza place. I could leave the place spotless at the end of the night and then return the next morning to find a layer of flour covering everything. Also note that these places are stating that they offer a gluten free CRUST, which implies to me that this is the only thing that is verified by them to be gf- not the pepperoni, sausage......... but this is just my own conjecture here. I have only been in contact with one of these places and this was last summer, so I really don't have updated inside information.

Look for Gluten Free Fort Wayne on Facebook!