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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Baker Street

Have you been to Baker Street? When they first opened, I was quick to check their menu online, and wasn't too hopeful for the GF among us to be able to eat there. How long has it been now? No clue. BUT I noticed some time back that they do offer a GF menu. I linked it on my page and moved on with my life... until now. I inquired about what practices they have in place to prevent cross-contamination and also asked about sauces and other little details on the GF menu. I have included the response I received below. They are very diligent with managing potential cross-contamination. For now as they are fine-tuning their GF menu (don't worry, I've sent questions and other thoughts to help with this process), I would recommend continuing to ask questions about ingredients, sauces, etc., but I think you can absolutely have a very enjoyable dining experience there- just make sure you're verifying everything on the GF menu for now. I'll be sure to put the word out when they have a new GF menu. If you've eaten there (I'm a little broke right now, so I have to keep it cheap), I'd love to hear your experiences!


The training and food handling procedures we have in place begin with education and knowledge.  Most importantly, the fact that if you touch something with gluten you now have to wash your hands before you can touch another product or you have just contaminated it.  We take extra care when preparing gluten free items.  Whether it is pasta that is boiled in its own separate pan of water or something fried that is prepared in fresh grease not used for anything else.  (The fried option is not always readily available as we do not take any chances.  Unless we know beyond a shadow of a doubt the grease hasn't been used we will not make it)

The soy sauce we carry does have gluten in it.  We are however sourcing different providers to try to find a suitable replacement.  Our bordolaise sauce also has a small amount of gluten in it.  However, our Worcestershire sauce is gluten free.  I am not sure what other sauces would typically contain gluten.  But if you have any questions, I will be sure to diligently research to make sure we are serving the safest menu possible. 

We will be updating our GF menu shortly.  When we do I will try to make sure we email a copy to you.  Thank you again.

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