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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Where have I been?





Sleeping? Eh, sometimes.

I actually have a couple of blog posts that are trapped in an in-development purgatory. Somehow between an extremely demanding job (are you keeping up with the state of public education in Indiana?) and two extremely demanding little girls (worth every second), the wordiness with which I love to fill this blog just isn't happening. I try to post little things here and there on the Facebook page still, so be sure to "like" it- and to adjust your settings so you actually get notification of new posts on there (silly Facebook... just ask me if you're not sure how to do this). The partially-written posts will find their way up here eventually, I'm sure- perhaps on summer break.

ANYhow, if you missed it on Facebook, you can now get GFFW products like shirts and other fun novelties at I'm thinking it would be fun to participate in the Color Me Rad race with white GFFW shirts- let me know if you'd do it if I started a GFFW team.

If anyone is interested in writing a guest blog for GFFW to help keep this thing alive, I welcome your contributions. I will fully credit you in the post, including related links to your own blog, Facebook page, etc., and clearly label the post as a guest blog. You can send your writing to me at or on the Facebook page. If I edit it, I will send it back to you for approval before posting (yes, I am an English teacher- thankfully, no red pens will be sacrificed in the editing process). If I'm not going to post it, I'll let you know. That's not me being a jerk; it's just me trying to stick with my original vision for the purpose of GFFW. For example: if you're one of those home-party sales people (Perfectly Posh, It Works, etc.), I'm okay with a reasonable sales pitch from one person. I'm not going to do 20 It Works guest blogs. If someone else beats you to the punch, feel free to add your contact information in the comments section. I'm also not going to do 20 guest blogs from people selling stuff. So again, don't take it personally if I don't post your guest blog. I'd rather stick with things like restaurant or product reviews, especially for local stuff. Have an idea, but not sure that I'd go for it? Just ask. I'd love to keep this blog active; I'm just struggling to do so on my own right now. I'm hoping I can handle a little cut-n-paste action.  Happy blogging!