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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Local Links

Links to places with gluten free food available in the Fort are now up along the right side of the page. Please, if I forgot any or if you learn of anything new, let me know so I can link it here. I would like for this to be an easy one-stop page for all things gluten free in Fort Wayne. Look for more links in the future for my favorite gluten free brands and other useful Celiac and gluten free websites.

Please use your best discretion when dining out at any of the places linked here. In most cases, I have linked their gluten free menu or list, but offering a gluten free list does not guarantee a full understanding of our needs. Continue to ask questions and give specifics to ensure that your food is prepared safely for you.

I also want to add a word of caution on the pizza places linked here. They do all offer a gluten free crust and I have heard many good things about them. My one experience dining at one of these places was not ideal, but it was also in the very early days of the GF crust being offered. I'm optimistic that things have improved. You just need to make your own choices based on your level of sensitivity, I suppose. Please understand however that pizza places by their very nature are full of flour. Flour can remain airborn for 24 hours. I've witnessed this firsthand in my pre-celiac days working in a pizza place. I could leave the place spotless at the end of the night and then return the next morning to find a layer of flour covering everything. Also note that these places are stating that they offer a gluten free CRUST, which implies to me that this is the only thing that is verified by them to be gf- not the pepperoni, sausage......... but this is just my own conjecture here. I have only been in contact with one of these places and this was last summer, so I really don't have updated inside information.

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