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Saturday, April 23, 2011

No Whine Dine

Admit it: you've attended a GF support meeting, meal, or other event and when it was all over, you wondered why you just wasted all that time listening to others "whine and dine". You know how it goes- nobody has had it as bad as me: the symptoms, the sensitivity, the doctor, the........... you get it. It's human nature, sure. We all want our story to be heard, especially when we felt like we went through so much alone and then find ourselves in the company of others who "get it".

WHAT IF there was an event where the rule was "no whining"? You show up with a dish to share, potluck-style, and an understanding that we've all been through the rough times and we're just going to deal with today. Every dish (gluten free, of course) is labeled with ingredients so you can check to see if it's safe if you have other sensitivities. If you like it, take a copy of the recipe. If you don't cook, bring your favorite GF packaged stuff. You know, just like for the family reunion- there's the aunt who always makes the awesome rolls AND the aunt who brings pop and chips.

If you're interested, comment here, on the Facebook fan page, or email me at I don't have a huge audience on here just yet, so I'm thinking maybe sometime in 2012. Being opening day at the zoo today, I thought perhaps we could rent the big pavilion there at Franke Park and people can make a day of it if they want- go to the zoo, play at the park, AND eat some GF food. Maybe 5 bucks a person or family or something to cover the cost of the facilities and any extra money is donated somewhere for Celiac research....?? University of Maryland or Chicago or something...? Maybe see if we can get popular GF brands and local businesses to donate samples and/or coupons...?

Let me know your thoughts. Let's get a conversation going- publicly, if possible (here or FB), so people can see there is interest and get involved in the conversation. This is something I just thought up today, so I'm open to hear from others. I don't want to make it too complicated like other big GF events- I don't have time- but how tough could a potluck be if I'm starting more than a year in advance? Famous last words perhaps........  but hey, this is just a conversation at this point. I'm not committed to anything but typing these words.   :)

Talk to me!

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