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Friday, July 6, 2012

Prolapse and Celiac?

Okay, I apologize for getting all serious and personal on a Friday afternoon, but I'm hoping for some input, seeing as 88% of the "fans" on the Facebook page are female.

I was recently having a conversation with someone who wondered if by chance there is an increased incidence of pelvic organ prolapse among Celiacs. I'm not a medical professional of any sort, but it seemed to make sense that things "down there" could suffer negative effects, especially when paired with hysterectomy, menopause, childbirth, or other big events of that sort.

So anyhow, I'd love to hear your perspective on the matter. You can comment here anonymously or email me at I figure this might be something people aren't comfortable talking openly about (unlike gluten-fueled bowel movements), but maybe we should be talking about it...?


  1. I find it interesting as well, the bloat that occurs with reaction to gluten puts pressure on internal structures-long term or repetetive occurances may be worth exploring. While doubtful it would cause POP, it sure can't help it-any pressure in an area that has misplaced organs tissues would make POP worse. I'd love to hear from Celiacs too! I'm going to toss this at my naturopath for comment.
    Sherrie Palm Founder/CEO
    Association for Pelvic Organ Prolapse Support

  2. Yeah, I don't think that Celiac in and of itself could actually *cause* it, but I do wonder if maybe the toilet habits that come with Celiac (loose stools and/or constipation) or even just the general long-term lack of wellness prior to diagnosis and during recovery could leave a person more vulnerable...?

    I'm definitely curious to know if there is an increased incidence of POP in Celiac patients. Maybe I'll have to try out surveymonkey to create something to spread among a larger population...?