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Monday, August 8, 2011

Pizza at Casa's

When I had originally heard that Casa would be offering a gluten free pizza, I was told it would be available at the end of July. Word on the street (aka Facebook) confirmed this when I heard that July 25th would be the magic day. When I went in to the Jefferson restaurant that day, I was told it would be two weeks before it was available. Two weeks later is today, but I thought I'd call ahead just to be sure...

I called Jefferson first. No pizza. No definite date on when it would be available. The person I spoke with wasn't sure if it was just their location or all of them, so I called Dupont next. No pizza there. They said they thought it might be another two weeks. Since I was on a roll at this point, I called Stellhorn. No pizza and no idea when it would be available- a month, a week, who knows! Apparently there were some delays or miscommunications with the timing of their new menus as well.

So yet again, I was looking forward to GF pizza from Casa's all day and am left with nothing. I noticed that their online menu has been updated yet again also. Two weeks ago, it showed the addition of the new GF pizza and the cheesecake; now it shows the cheesecake but not the pizza.

I could make some pizza at home with the new French Meadow Bakery crusts I got this weekend at A&B Natural Foods, but I don't have anything to put on them..... time to go digging in the fridge!

As an unrelated side note- A&B has Bakery on Main peanut butter and jelly granola bars on sale. If you've never tried them, get over to Time Corners and get a box- I promise you won't be disappointed!!!

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  1. To be fair, they did tell me that they would notify me when the new menu was available and I have not yet received word from them. All of these dates (or estimates) are coming from other Celiacs or Casa staff.