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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"What are your thoughts?" I was asked.

You've got to love a friend who knows how to get me going! It all started with a little link on Facebook and a caption asking my thoughts on it. Well heeeeeere we go..........

First of all, HERE is the article I was asked to read. How about you read it before continuing to read this post? That way we're all on the same page.

Did you read it yet?

Yeah, it is pretty long.

It's full of information.

I'm guessing that if you've been at this for very long, you probably know most of what he's saying already.

Are you still just reading my post??

Okay, fine. Click here to READ THE ARTICLE.

Now I will continue.
As I said, my friend posted this on Facebook and asked my opinion. If you've read anything I've written (and if you are viewing these words, I think that counts), you know my response is going to be more than a simple "good article".

The following is my response to his request for thoughts:


  1. Well-written; he's done his research and has his facts right on all of the ins and outs of Celiac Disease and gluten. What he only scratches the surface on (which I was ranting about in a comment this morning at http://glutenforpunishment​​ly-misleads-public/) is the trendiness that GF has taken on. Someone like me has great health benefits from being GF (because I HAVE TO) and then others think it can help them too (but with no medical data to back up the decision in advance) and it might actually help them to feel better, whether due to a true sensitivity or because they're avoiding some of the crap (which by the way, the GF world still has plenty of crap to offer... mmmm, coooookies....) and then companies start to see that the market is growing (from increased awareness, increased diagnosis, AND increased trendiness) and jump on the GF bandwagon. Herein lies the problem for those of us who DEPEND on being TRULY GF (continued in the next comment).

  2. That was strange: when I posted this, everything after my copied-and-pasted comments from Facebook disappeared. Blogspot no likey Facebook?? It did let me post my comment as a comment, so let me continue and post the other copied comment:

  3. The GF-casual folks bring in enough complaint-free business to the bandwagon businesses that it encourages them to continue with what may very well be unsafe GF practices. The pizza industry is a prime example. Everybody and their mother no...w offers a GF crust, but that doesn't mean that the pizza is GF or that it can safely be prepared within that facility. I worked in a pizza place for many, many years in my pre-GF days. I know how pervasive the flour is. I want to support and encourage businesses who want to cater to us, BUT it's a scary prospect for me to eat foods that could be damaging my body. Even if I don't get sick immediately, or never have any outward symptoms (which have gotten worse with time on the rare occasions I do get "glutened"), damage is occurring and putting me at risk for things like Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and other equally delightful diagnoses.

  4. How's that for thoughts? You'll probably never ask for my thoughts again, huh? :) I do believe I'll copy all this chatter and post it on the blog:​