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Friday, February 11, 2011

My favorite spots for groceries

1. Meijer on Lima Road
All Meijers carry a decent selection of gluten free products; this one has the best in my opinion. Overall for any groceries I purchase, Meijer has the best price. My husband would disagree, but he buys different things..... like Chef Boyardee and other gluten favorites of days past. I love my Stonyfield and Brown Cow yogurts- some days they are the number one reason I go to Meijer instead of somewhere else!

2. The Health Food Shoppe
My only complaint about this place is that I can't leave there without spending at least $50. This has nothing to do with their prices; I just love too many of the things they sell. They have the city's best selection of gluten free foods and if you join their gluten free club, you can get a 10% discount on all gluten free products you buy there. My biggest weaknesses there are all of the Udi's products and Liz Lovely cookies. They have more gluten free cookies than your deprived tummy can tolerate! Seriously, you have to try the Liz Lovely cookies... and WOW cookies... and Lean on Me cheesecake..... and....and.... and..... ..........       ........
Do you see now why I'm broke?

3. Kroger at Southgate
Most of the Scott's and Kroger stores carry a good selection of gluten free favorites (I found Udi's cookies at West State last week when I went in for pizza crusts!), but this one consistently amazes me with all of the things I love- such as Gluten Free and Fabulous pizza. These stores have the best selection of my favorite Larabars at the best price- and every now and then you can catch them at the Scott's/Kroger special price of 10 for 10. Today I even found chocolate covered Glutino pretzels there.

4. Three Rivers Co-op
This is always the first place people mention when I talk about being gluten free. The truth is they might be lower than fourth on my list if it weren't for their great selection of Larabars at a great price. They have many of my favorite products, but they are all things I can get somewhere else too. I was also turned off by misinformation being shared there one time about Celiac Disease.

Honorable Mentions:
A & B Natural Foods in Time Corners
Wilma's Health Care & Food Shoppe in Churubusco
Dupont Road Kroger
Southtown Walmart

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